Pond Building Water Feature Design – 5 Q’s!

5 Questions to ask yourself before you hire a Pond / Water Feature Builder.

Waterhouse takes part in many pond building projects as well as water feature repairs and designs.

In our experience our clients are unsure about what to expect, what they need to begin and the time period the project will take. We’ve complied a few questions & answers for you – in order to make sure you don’t go wrong!

  1. What exactly do I need done?

For example: Do I need a repair or do I need my pond or water feature re-done? Many of our clients try to bypass this step in order to make the quote cheaper – however this won’t benefit anyone. Our team of professionals highly recommend that you do not under estimate the job that is needed to be done. Trust the team – they have done it many times before and would not want to quote you incorrectly.

  1. Did I give a clear enough brief?

We as pond builders and water designers will put in our all to your project – however different people have different views / ideas. So, before the Water Designer starts the project make sure that you are both on the same page & that you discuss topics like:

  • Height
  • Colour (of rocks , pond, pot or water feature)
  • Floor
  • Position of feature

If you both understand and agree on the above then the overall outcome will be just what you had imagined.

  1. Did I supply my Pond Builder & Water Designer with a minimum of two picture of what I like?

Oh! We cannot emphasis this more … now days Google has thousands of pictures you can find. Take a few minutes to search and explore your options before the project begins. Our website www.waterhouse.co.za also has few great examples of what the fountain nozzles look like once connected.

  1. Is my budget realistic… no, like really realistic?

Wow! This has to be a common problem – Yes, we do realise that times are tough & nobody wants to spend a fortune on anything these days (except chocolate). However giving your Water Designer an unrealistic budget will only affect you in the end. The cheaper you go, the more work you are giving yourself. Actually, this betters your chances of having to redo the project later down the line. Be prepared for an honest & quality – ensured quote when working with any great Pond & Water Designers.

  1. Have I given my Pond Builder enough time to complete the job?

Ever heard of the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” Well – this saying sums up pond building and water design perfectly. Part of hiring an expert come with trusting them to do the job wonderfully. However if you are in a rush & needing it within an unrealistic time frame, things are sure to go wrong. Remember – , materials need to dry and parts need to be created in order to make your perfect water space. All good things take time!


That’s all for now Folks. Have a great week.


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