12 Volt DC 002 Bilge Pump



Solar or Battery powered diaphragm pump For use in and around the home, garden or leisure area, Farm’s for crop spraying or water filtration.

12vdc (2.4L/min) 35psi (2.4bar) 1.6Amps@0.7bar

1 Year limited Warranty

  • Compact design Measuring 160mm in length.
  • Self-priming, and can operate dry for short periods without damaging unit.
  • Built in thermal protector.
  • Sealed Pressure Switch and Motor
  • Low noise while operating.
  • Acid and Alkali corrosion resistant.
  • Plug-in port fittings for easy installation.
  • Sealed pressure switch automatically starts and stops pump when discharge valve is opened.
  • Low amp draw for battery powered application.
  • Soft compliant Santoprene mounting system.
  • Can pump water up to, but not in excess of 52 degree celcius.

Runs 45mins on and 15mins off. (Not Continuous use)

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Weight 0.78 kg


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