Straight flow fountain nozzleStraight flow fountain nozzle

6mm Adjustable Straight Flow Fountain Nozzle


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Adjustable Straight Flow Fountain Nozzle 6mm

  • Material: Copper/ Electroplated
  • Joint size(G): 6mm
  • Pressure: 30-100Kpa
  • Discharge: 1.0-3.0
  • Height: 0.1-3.0m
  • Diameter:Beam
  • Size W*H:45*300mm
  • Feature: Single spray , Adjustable


  • Adjustable Straight Flow Fountain Nozzle are the most popular nozzles in fountain project.
  • They could produce full stream, glass clear and flowing single jet.
  • The incline of installing the adjustable nozzles could create the interesting water effects.
  • Many water jets group together could create many kinds of water patterns.
  • Single jet nozzles are simple structure and widely used. There are fixed and universal adjustable types.

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