Hydroponic systemHydroponic system

Hydroponic System – Complete



Hydroponic System

Flat Nutrient Flow Technique System (NFT)

Size: 135cm x 60cm x 7cm

System includes:

Nutrient tray

2x pot holder trays

100x 5cm propagation pots

1kg Coir (Coconut Hair)

Nutrients ? for 1000 litres

3m x 15mm Poly Pipe

2x 15mm elbows

5x clamps

Pump DF1050

Adjustable outlet

Water Pump 220v | 28w | DF1050

Ideal for:

  • Succulent growing
  • Edible gardening
  • Flower / plant growing

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 135 × 60 × 7 cm


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