Plastic Mushroom Fountain HeadPlastic Mushroom Fountain Head

Plastic Mushroom Fountain Head


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  •  Spurts the water film is even, the underwater sound is tiny, the shape resembles the mushroom , may adjust the water  film size, the water film is crystal clear.
  •  This mushroom nozzle has an adjustable top that creates a clear sheet of water in a mushroom or bell shape.  This kind of nozzle consumes less water and has small noise when spraying water. When spraying of water the form the mushroom, it has the best effect under wind-less condition, and water volume can be adjusted by installing the valve. Adjust the cap on the top to make an ideal pattern of the appearance.
WF 05M Mushroom/Umbrella Fountain Head 25mm Fitting


Mushroom creates a clear water bell pattern in the adjustable shape. It is the least noise and splash fountain effect. The relaxing sound of splashing water is particularly effective in silence wind-free locations like the water garden, indoor reception hall, or outdoor pool that are protected from the wind. Besides, water mushroom  fountains are water level independent and can be located in dry areas.


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