12000 L/H Pond or Fountain Pump12000 L/H Pond or Fountain Pump

12000 L/H Pond or Fountain Pump 


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12000 L/H Pond or Fountain Pump

Can be used for basic low level water drainage.

Can pump particals smaller than 6mm.

Unversal pipe outlet fittings 16-30mm

Max Flow 12000 litres per hour.

Max pump shut-off height 5 metres

HIGH Volume LOW Head pump.

Can Run Contuously.

Economical power consumption 175 watts

WH12000/10 Pond or Fountain Pump
This premium model pump is designed to maintain your pond or fountain at ones optimal desire. Tried and tested by South Africans for more than 15 years – quality guaranteed!
  • Extra adaptor fittings inside the box: 25mm
  • Litres per hour: 12,000L/h
  • Maximum head height: 5m
  • Cable length: 10m
  • Plug: 3 core plug and cable
  • Watts: 175w ECO DESIGN
Multi- purpose submersible pumps can be used in ponds & water features for water circulation, filtration, and fountain or as general utility pumps.
– S.A.B.S (NRCS) Certificates of compliance
– No Fuss 2 Year Warranty Burn Out Warranty
– 3 core cable and factory fitted 3 pin plug
– Eco friendly
– Efficient power consumption
• Long Life Impeller with spares readily available on Take A Lot.
• Continuous Duty
• Adjustable Flow Rate – to allow less water than the maximum to be pumped, should this be required.
• 2 Year Burn Out Warranty
• Salt & Fresh Water
• Koi & Pond Safe
• Suitable for both Indoor & Outdoor Use
• Eco-design motor set to run at maximum efficiency
Thermal Overload Protection

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