Favorite Pond Pump Maintenance

 Pond Pump Maintenance

Our customers often call us in a panic with regards to how one can maintain their pond pump effectively. If these simple steps were followed it would definitely prolong the life span of your pond or water feature pump.

At Waterhouse our pumps have a 2 Year Burn Out Warranty which shows how confident we are in the design and quality of our products. Regardless – All good things in life need to be looked after.

So, this winter don’t be afraid to touch the cold water – get you hands wet and begin these simple steps on your pond pump at least once a month.

  • Once a week give your pond pump a brief checking to see if there are any Autumn leaves that are blocking the inlets – if so give it a quick clean and make sure the pump is re WH620 (2)positioned into a more guarded area of the pond.
  • With the temperature dropping – home owners usually don’t pay as much attention to their gardens – but don’t let this be the cause of your burnt out pond pump. Once a week check the water level and fill up your water feature or pond if necessary. It is not healthy for the pump to stuck air.
  • Always ensure that there is no sand in the water – the wind has been howling and can often result in an excess of sand into your water space. Sand breaks down the impeller slowly but surely and eventually results in one needing to buy a spare part.  If this is the case: Click on this link to purchase an impeller
  • All Waterhouse Pumps come with a 10m or 1.5m cable that has a 3 core plug – Although this is very high quality cable, make sure that your pumps cable is not directly sitting in the sun. This will eventually perish the cable. We all know that with out a cable there will be no pumping.
  • One of the most common errors we see, is our clients using chlorine in their water feature. This is highly not recommended. Chlorine breaks down the plastic on the pump as well as perishes the cable. Ultimately leaving you with an inconvenient problem on your hands in the long run. Instead use Algae control – this will have the same affect as Chlorine but without the damage. Click on this link to purchase a bottle of Algae Control


  • Last but not least – try not to turn your pond pump on and off too much. This confuses the pump and will decrease the life span. Rather let your submersible pump run consistently. Switching your pond pump on and off also uses a lot of electricity – which no one wants.

There you have it – effortless tips to maintain and prolong your pond pumps life span.


Until next time…