Favorite Easy Pond preparation for Winter

7 Tips for Fish Pond or Water Garden winter

preparation by Waterhouse Pumps

Here are a few suggestions to get your Pond ready for the winter months ahead

Tip #1 Remove as many leaves and debris as you can before they decompose in the pond. These long handled Skimmer Nets come in handy for getting out leaves or seeds that might have fallen in the pond:

Remove leaves

Tip #2 Cut back all Aquatic Plants including your lilies that are in the Pond. Though plants may not look dead, they will eventually die back and it is good to remove them before they decompose in the Pond. You can also do this with Perennial located near the pond:

Water Plant Trimming

Tip #3 Remove, Clean & Inspect Filter and Pump. If you do not intend to run your Water Garden during the winter, this is a good time to inspect and clean your filter media and pump. After inspecting and cleaning the “Intake” of your pump, place it in a bucket of water and store it in the garage. It is also important the rubber seals on the pump stay wet and do dry and crack. Waterhouse has spares on all pumps parts and filters if needs be:

Fish Pond Filter, Removal and Cleaning

Tip #4 Stop feeding your Fish when the water temperature is 12 Degrees Celsius or less. Their digestive systems have slowed down and it is harmful for them to eat – Waterhouse does sell Fish Food:

Waterhouse Fish Food

Tip #5 Add an aerator or small re-circulating Pump if you have Fish. They will create bubbles at the Pond’s surface to oxygenate the water and allow gases from the decomposing leaves and plants to escape. These gases are harmful to the fish. Waterhouse has a great range of air pumps:

Pond Aeration system or Re-circulating Pumps.

Tip #6 Cover your Pond with Pond Netting during the big leaf drop period in Autumn. Be sure to remove leaves regularly so they do not settle and drop into the pond. This net can later be removed once the majority of the leaves have fallen.

You can also elect to keep your Pond running all winter. It is important to add water when needed:

Pond Netting, Water Gardenl Netting

Tip #7 Install a Waterhouse Pond Skimmer. Your pump will be located safely inside this Skimmer. Leaves will be drawn here and caught in a net that can be easily removed. If your pump is located on the bottom of your pond, falling leaves and debris will sink to the bottom, clog your pump and decompose on the bottom:

Waterhouse’s Pond Skimmer, highly recommended

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