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waterhouse pumps

Waterhouse are primarily importers of Water Feature and Pond Pumps. Our range now extends into a comprehensive range of both Brass and Plastic Fountain Nozzles as well as 12volt pumps used by campers and boating/caravanning enthusiasts and this has crossed over into the Eco-Friendly solar powered enthusiasts. Also in our range are Drainage and Sewage Pumps that overlap with our Irrigation pumps.

Waterhouse pumps first opened its doors in 2002. Shawn Soal (CEO of Waterhouse Pumps) had an equal share in what started as a partnership with two other partners, after working hard to get the brand known he bought out his partners in 2008.

This was the beginning of a long list of triumphs, trials and treasured times. In 2009 we moved into our new premises and what a proud day it was to see the Waterhouse pumps signage going up above our building entrance.

The business continued to grow and blossom, almost creating a life and energy of its own. Our products had stood the test of time and we were able to sell them with confidence and unquestionable product backup and service. We had also built up a healthy client base of loyal customers who have remained with us to this day.

We envision our business going from strength to strength. With our old school morals, values and business ethics and our new school innovation we’re counting past blessings and preparing for all that lies ahead. 


  • Passion- We have a passion for people and products
  • Integrity- we are honest and fair and are committed to supplying products that represent a combination of quality, price and service
  • Innovation- Change is exciting and imperative for growth both for us and four our customers. We keep ourselves at the helm of new and fresh ideas and products
  • Service- we are customer focused and their needs are our priority
  • Sustainability- we are a consistent, supportive business building for a better future
  • Community- we support and participate in our community monthly.

“We strive to consistently provide reliable, friendly service, be fair and ethical in all our dealings and to supply nationwide premium brand products. Our focus is on building lasting relationships with our customers built on trust and loyalty.” Shawn Soal –CEO

Waterhouse pumps