3 Stage Under Counter Water Purifier


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3 Stage Under Counter Water Purifier

An under-sink filter processes water from the whole cold water line

Our premium, under counter water purifier.

  • This is our premium household water purifier. Whilst the Polyethylene Cartridge filter removes harmful bacteria from your water. The Active Carbon Silver filter, removes the chlorine and the Pure Lead and Arsenic reduction filter reduces lead and arsenic (heavy metal technology) from your water.
  • Our water Filters only need to be replaced after 1 year.
  • Included with this purifier is a Pressure Regulating Valve valued at (R450) so it can be installed directly onto your main water supply.
  • This unit can be used on Borehole water as well as municipal water.
  • It is ideal for homes, businesses, shops, and restaurants looking to protecting their clients from poor quality water.


3 Stage Under Counter water filter with Pressure Regulating Valve


Active Carbon Silver Block Filter Cartridge

Bacteria 0.3-micron Polyethylene filter cartridge

LRC Lead and Arsenic reduction Filter (heavy metal technology)


Removes Chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, and cysts from your water Eliminates water with bad tastes and odors Removes all harmful bacteria – e.g. cholera, e’coli and amoebas from water, etc. Reduces lead and arsenic and suspended material


















Flow Rate

11cm 44cm 35cm 5.5Kg 4 bar max 120 Lph


Flow rate 2 liters per minute Replacement Filters after 10 000 liters or 1 year. Used on Municipal and Borehole Water

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 44 × 44 × 35 cm


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