Dual Purpose Double Counter Top Water Purifier



Dual Purpose Double Counter Top Water Purifier

An under-sink filter processes water from the whole cold water line

This unit requires no installation, simply connect it to your tap

  • If your water just does not taste great then this is ideal for you, the Active Carbon Silver Block removes harmful bacteria, chlorine, ammonia, herbicides, pesticides, micro pollutants and organic compounds. Provides great tasting water
  • Polyethylene filter cartridge removes harmful bacteria, it filters down to 0.3 microns this is better than most purifier on the market.
  • Our Water Filters only need to be replaced after 1 year.
  • This unit can be used on Borehole water as well as municipal water.
  • There is No installation required, simply connect to your kitchen tap and you are set.
  • How to position the purifier is easy, it can be wall mounted if desired or placed away from tap area, if the sink area is cluttered, as it has no spout and 1,5m of tubing.

Ideal for the entire family, offices and shops.


Dual purpose unit can be used as a Counter Top water purifier


Active Carbon Silver Block Filter Cartridge

Bacteria removal  0.3 micron Polyethylene filter cartridge


Removes Chlorine Eliminates bad tastes and odours from your water. Removes harmful bacteria – such as cholera, e’coli and amoebas etc Removes suspended material


















Flow Rate

11cm 16cm 34cm 2.3Kg 20psi 120 Lph



Flow rate 2 litres per minute Replace Filters at 10,000 litres of water or 1 year. That’s 27 litres of water each and every day for a year.

Suitable filtration system for Municipal and Borehole Water

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 34 cm


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