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Gravity Feed Bio Filter


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WUBF-12000 External Bio Filter for Gravity Feed 15000 liter pond size 18w


Filters create an Eco-system in your Pond. It has a UV Light that filters out the effects of sun-light on the water. The filter materials create an area where different bacteria grow and feed on the other bacteria that affects the water condition.

A bead filter system is another one. This may be something you see more often. It looks like a pool filter. Bead filters come with backwash function so you can remove collected wastes from the system without getting your hands dirty. These filters also use small beads. They have a lot of surface areas for bacteria to grow on. So the system has some biological function, too.

A biological filter system uses filter media materials to grow nitrifying bacteria. The main purpose of the media is not to filter particles, but to provide enough living space for bacteria to reside in. So it is important that media have ample surface area and do not clog. There are many type of filter media like filter mats, bio balls, brushes, and more.

  • Bio mats are very well designed the mat to maximize the growth of bacteria and minimize clogging.
  • Magnetic bio balls are also very effective. With patented technology, magnets are injected into the bio balls. These not only help bacteria growth, but also energizes the water.

There are many products that use these bio media.

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