Hydroponic 1.5m Water Column


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Hydroponic 1.5m Water Column

The Hydroponic 1.5m Water Column allows you to upgrade your system into a 6 pot system, thus allowing you to grow more plants and maximize the power of your pump.

NOTE: This part comes with our VERTICAL, RECIRCULATING HYDROPONIC GROWING SYSTEM, but can be purchased as a separate unit or replacement part. The standard combo comes with 1x 1m water column.


The growing of plants in nutrient solutions, with/without sand, or other inert media, to provide support to the plant. All of the nutrition required by the plants comes from water soluble nutrients in place of the soil.


Hydroponics has proved to have several advantages over soil gardening;

  • Fewer Pesticides – While pests are not completely absent in hydroponics systems, the closed, controlled environment eliminates many of the pesticides that are often necessary to keep bugs from destroying plants. This means less poison on plants, in rivers, and more importantly, on the food we eat.
  • The growth rate on a hydroponic plant is 30-50 percent faster than a soil plant, grown under the same conditions.
  • Greater yield.
  • Hydroponic gardening uses considerably less water than normal soil gardening.
  • Since hydroponic gardening systems use no topsoil, topsoil erosion isn’t even an issue.


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 100 cm


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