Hydroponic Dripper Unit (Arrow)


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Hydroponic Dripper Unit (Arrow)

This Hydroponic Dripper Unit (arrow) contains two 2L/hr drip emitters and provides perfect drip feeding for your growing system.

NOTE: This part comes standard with our VERTICAL, RECIRCULATING HYDROPONIC GROWING SYSTEM, but can also be purchased as a separate unit or replacement part.


Everybody’s situation is different, as well as the type of system they’re growing in, how they built the system, type of growing media they’re using, how much of it, type of plants they’re growing, their temperature and humidity levels, etc., etc. There are just too many variables to give a one size fits all answer to that question. So follow a general rule of thumb; keep the roots moist.

Most new growers tend to try and over-think how much to water their plants, and if they stick to the general rule of thumb (“long enough to get the roots wet, but not so long they suffocate”), they will be fine. That’s why having a timer that gives you flexibility in your settings is beneficial.

If the growing media and roots seem to be getting too dry between watering, increase the frequency that you water them. If they always seem to be very wet, cut back on your watering times and see what happens. You can always increase or decrease it again. Every grower will quickly learn what’s best for their situation, type of system their growing in, growing media, etc., as well as develop their own preferences. Plants are highly adaptable, so don’t over-think it.


The water depth in a drip system is rarely a concern. The water drips/trickles down from the top to the bottom of the plant container, then back to the reservoir. So when working properly, the water never builds up in the plants growing container. The water just moistens the growing media as it drips downward.

If your container is deep enough, a bit of water pooling in the bottom won’t be a problem. If you’re concerned about the growing media becoming saturated, fill the bottom of the container with a couple of river rocks to aid drainage.

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