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Pond Vacuum Cleaner


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Wattage 250 W
Voltage 220V, 60 Hz.
Power Cable Length 10M
Pond Vacuum Dimensions
Maximum Suction Depth 5M
Length of Suction Hose N/A
Length of Discharge Hose 6M


  • Tackle your pond maintenance needs with this Pond vacuum PC1. This vacuum has 250 watts worth of motor power that doesn’t die in the middle of a job and several nozzle assortments that make a thorough cleaning of the lagoon possible.
  • Anyone who has ever owned a vacuum cleaner of some sort knows how essential the attachments are to the operation of the machine.
  • Such is why this classic pond vacuum comes with several accessories that are useful when clearing the pond of sludge and vacuuming around the house. Buying one of these cleaners is like a two for one deal with its indoor and outdoor capabilities.
  • Includes a remote control switch.


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