SwimQuip 1 bag Sand Filter



SWIMQUIP Sand Filter, 1 Bag

A sand filter that ensures your pool is free from sand and debris.

The filter system is a very important part of your swimming pool. Choosing the right filter takes time and effort. This sand filter has consistently proven it’s quality and reliability and, what’s more, it is extremely durable.

  • High performance sand filter
  • Features superflow characteristics and is completely corrosion proof
  • Equipped with a user-friendly multi-port valve
  • Protects your motor from the elements


SWIMQUIP sand filters are high performance totally corrosion proof filters that combine superior flow characteristics and features with ease of operation. A user friendly multi-port valve simplifies its operation.


The SWIMQUIP sand filter is a high-quality filter system. Unlike other filter systems, this type of filter catches both the large and small dirt particles. The large particles include debris such as hair, insects and leaves. Most filters catch this larger debris quite well.

The difference lies in the smaller dirt particles, the real swimming pool polluters. This category includes algae and phosphates. A sand filter is the only way to remove the invisible little contaminants from your swimming pool


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Weight 5 kg


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