12000 L/H Pond or Fountain Pump12000 L/H Pond or Fountain Pump

12000 L/H Pond or Fountain Pump 


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12000 L/H Pond or Fountain Pump

This pump is the heart and soul of your pond & fountain and is essential for keeping it continually healthy and oxygenated.
  • Extra adaptor fittings inside the box: 25mm
  • Liters per hour: 12,000L/h
  • Maximum head height: 5m
  • Cable length: 10m
  • Plug: 3 core plug and cable
  • Watts: 175w ECO DESIGN


Multi-purpose submersible pumps can be used in ponds & water features for water circulation, filtration, and fountain or as general utility pumps.
– S.A.B.S (NRCS) Certificates of compliance
– No-Fuss 2 Year Warranty Burn Out Warranty
– 3 core cable and factory fitted 3 pin plug
– Eco friendly
– Efficient power consumption
• Long Life Impeller with spares readily available on Take A Lot.
• Continuous Duty
• Adjustable Flow Rate – to allow less water than the maximum to be pumped, should this be required.
• 2 Year Burn Out Warranty
• Salt & Fresh Water
• Koi & Pond Safe
• Suitable for both Indoor & Outdoor Use
• Eco-design motor set to run at maximum efficiency
Thermal Overload Protection
Tried and tested by South Africans for more than 15 years – quality guaranteed!


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