Stock Take Survival Tips

It’s that time of the year again – Stock Take!

Stock Take

So the staff at Waterhouse don’t always enjoy this time of the year. There are so many little bits and pieces that need to be counted, recounted and then counted again!

Stock take can be very tiring and demotivating in the work place. As a manager, keeping your employees engaged is perhaps the biggest challenge you face. In order to spice up our warehouse during this difficult time we came up with a few survival tips which any company could use while facing the horror of stock take but also ensuring that all employees are engaged resulting in happier faces and fewer mistakes all round.

Stock Take Survival Tips 101

  • Involve employees in your Stock Take planning process.

Ask for their suggestions and opinions of how stock take could be more efficient and successful.

  • Pair experienced employees with newly hired ones.

Give them a timeframe, a set of objectives and let the relationship unfold on its own.

  • Create your own office Olympics

Yes – you read correctly, creating fun activities like these could result in higher participation and accuracy. Spilt your staff into teams, give each one a set sheet of stock items to count and measure which team completes their list first – with the most accurate stock count of course.

  • Create your own rules

Call the staff together and come up with a couple of rules. Set a clear objective, clear guidelines, create your own set of rules (breaks, snacks, etc.) and try to be as productive as possible in just one day.

Give these simple tips a try next time you undergo stock take. Let us know how your company reacted to your innovative & engaging ideas.



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