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Solar Pumps

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Full kit - solar pond fountain kit 5m high 800l/h
Regular priceR 3,349.00R 3,045.00
Floating solar air pump - 5v
Regular priceR 578.00
Solar powered air oxygen pump
Regular priceR 1,784.00
Pond ac/dc charge transformer
Regular priceR 408.00
12 volt food grade diaphragm pump
Regular priceR 1,275.00
High pressure 12 volt 14 bar 10l/m diaphragm pump
Regular priceR 4,388.00R 3,989.00
12 volt dc 002 diaphragm pump
Regular priceR 1,273.00R 1,135.00
12 volt self priming diaphragm pump 17l/m 003
Regular priceR 2,746.00R 2,504.00
24 volt 14 bar pressure diaphragm pump 10l/m
Regular priceR 4,354.00R 3,959.00
Pro pump fl-30 10 l/ min
Regular priceR 2,229.00R 2,027.00
12 volt xcsp 005 solar powered pump
Regular priceR 936.00R 755.00
12v dc solar booster pump
Regular priceR 2,540.00R 2,309.00
Borehole pump 12 volt solar pump 70m 12l/m
Regular priceR 6,929.00R 6,299.00
X1 litre water pressure vessel
Regular priceR 276.00R 251.00
Automatic bilge 12v solar pump
Regular priceR 825.00R 740.00
Auto bilge pump 2800 l/h
Regular priceR 1,126.00R 1,024.00
Auto bilge 12 volt pump 4100 l/h
Regular priceR 1,049.00
24v dc solar booster pump
Regular priceR 2,540.00R 2,309.00
Macerator pump 12 volt dc
Regular priceR 2,587.00R 2,352.00
Adblue pump 12 volt 30 l/min
Regular priceR 5,249.00
12 volt xc0703 7l/m pump
Regular priceR 1,130.00R 1,027.00
12 volt dc 20l/min pump
Regular priceR 2,540.00R 2,309.00
12 volt 3 phase motor pump
Regular priceR 2,801.00R 2,546.00
Protector fuse holder
Regular priceR 104.00
30w solar panel
Regular priceR 998.00R 893.00
12 amp 12 volt battery
Regular priceR 807.00R 734.00
Float switch 12v-24v-32v
Regular priceR 629.00R 574.00
12v fl35 front end switch
Regular priceR 653.00R 593.00
12v fl40 front end switch
Regular priceR 653.00R 593.00
Solar pond pump lily island
Regular priceR 1,249.00R 1,049.00

Elevate your water management with our innovative 12 volt DC solar water pumps, powered by both solar energy and a 12-volt battery. Designed for off-grid versatility, these pumps offer reliable water circulation without relying on traditional power sources. Perfect for remote locations or eco-conscious projects, our solar pumps ensure efficient operation day and night, thanks to their battery backup. Explore our selection today to harness the sun's energy and experience sustainable water pumping like never before.

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