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Pond / Fountain Pumps

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12000 l/h pond or fountain pump
Regular priceR 4,665.00R 4,241.00
Hi-volume pond pump 15000l/h 310w
Regular priceR 4,210.00R 3,827.00
Dap 18000l
Regular priceR 5,593.00R 5,084.00
18000 l/h pond pump hi volume – 10m cable
Regular priceR 5,774.00R 5,249.00
30000 l/h pond pump hi-volume – 10m cable
Regular priceR 6,571.00R 5,999.00
Df1050 waterfeature pump
Regular priceR 716.00R 651.00
Df1330 waterfeature pump
Regular priceR 726.00R 660.00
Df1770/5 pond pump
Regular priceR 1,212.00R 1,101.00
Df2050/5 pond pump
Regular priceR 1,388.00R 1,262.00
Df880 water feature pump
Regular priceR 559.90R 534.00
150 l/h pond and fountain pump – wh150
Regular priceR 241.00R 219.00
2000 l/h pond and fountain pump – wh2000/10
Regular priceR 1,558.00R 1,416.00
3000 l/h pond and fountain pump – wh3000/10
Regular priceR 2,061.00R 1,873.00
360l/h pond and fountain pump – wh360
Regular priceR 363.00R 330.00
620 l/h pond and fountain pump – wh620
Regular priceR 605.00R 550.00
Wh750 – 1,5m head fountain pump
Regular priceR 465.30R 444.00
Wh4000 – 3.5m height fountain pump
Regular priceR 1,833.70R 1,750.00
Wh400 – 0.6m height fountain pump
Regular priceR 288.20R 275.00
Wh2500 – 3m height fountain pump
Regular priceR 1,336.50R 1,276.00
Wh1100- 1.8m height fountain pump
Regular priceR 671.00R 369.00
Wh1000 l/h pond & fountain pump, 10m cable
Regular priceR 1,090.00R 991.00
Pond ac/dc charge transformer
Regular priceR 408.00
Floating solar air pump - 5v
Regular priceR 578.00
Solar powered air oxygen pump
Regular priceR 1,784.00
Submersible bio-filter, pump and uv filter
Regular priceR 4,909.00R 4,253.00
Oase filtral 6000 pond filter
Regular priceR 7,220.00

Elevate your pond or fountain experience with hassle-free plug-and-play pumps from leading brands Waterhouse and Dragonfly. Enjoy effortless setup and reliable performance with these convenient solutions. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned enthusiast, our range of pond and fountain pumps delivers unparalleled ease of use and efficiency. Dive into a world of tranquility and beauty with our trusted brands. Shop now and let the soothing sounds of water enhance your outdoor oasis.

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