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Solar Accessories

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Pump pipe strainer attachment
Regular priceR 69.00R 63.00
12v fl35 front end switch
Regular priceR 653.00R 593.00
30w solar panel
Regular priceR 998.00R 893.00
12 amp 12 volt battery
Regular priceR 807.00R 734.00
12v fl40 front end switch
Regular priceR 653.00R 593.00
Protector fuse holder
Regular priceR 104.00
X1 litre water pressure vessel
Regular priceR 276.00R 251.00
Ro tee piece
Regular priceR 39.99
Float switch 12v-24v-32v
Regular priceR 629.00R 574.00

Unlock the full potential of solar energy with our premium selection of solar accessories. From efficient charge controllers and durable mounting hardware to reliable connectors and cables, we offer everything you need to optimize your solar setup. Whether you're powering outdoor lights, water pumps, or entire off-grid systems, our accessories ensure seamless integration and maximum performance. Explore our range today and discover the perfect solar accessories to enhance your renewable energy experience.

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