12 Volt 3 phase motor Pump12 Volt 3 phase motor Pump

12 Volt 3 Phase motor Pump

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XC-SP 2502 Solar Water Pump

Max Flow Rate: 15L,20L,25L
Max Static Lift: 1M,2M,3M
Rated Voltage: 12V
Impeller Type: Half-Closed impeller

Ambient Temperature: -40-120C
Liquid Temperature: 0-120C


1. Highly efficient 3 phase motor, specialized PCB for automobile with a long life span of over 20,000 hours
2. Heavy duty operation with 24 hour continuous run time.
3. Professional design, functions properly against vehicles vibration conditions, high peak voltage and unstable voltage.
4. Withstand temperature -40~120?C, suitable for extreme outdoor environment
5. Automatic polarity protection / overload protection / block protection
7. Flow-rate: 15-37L/min; water head: 1-9M


1. Car engine cooling circulation
2. Car engine pre-heating
3. Heating system (Car Auxiliary heaters & parking heaters)
4. Electric vehicles water circulation system
5. Normal Hot Water Circulation
6. Liquid Transfer
7. General Purpose Pumping
8. Customized PWM

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1 review for 12 Volt 3 Phase motor Pump

  1. Wayne

    I live off the grid and this product has been a game changer.

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