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• Pressure Vessel  Steel 24 Litre
• 1 inch thread connection
• Natural Rubber Membrane
• for Domestic Waterworks
• Horizontal with Pump-Fixation

DV-24 24L Pressure Vessel 1″ connection
  • Replacement 24L Steel Pressure Vessel for use in sanitary cold-/hot water systems, suitable for nearly all domestic waterworks, solar- and pressure maintenance systems and garden pumps.
  • This pressure vessel will be delivered with incl. Natural rubber membrane and has a 24L capacity. This vessel is designed for a maximum pressure of 5,4 bar and will be delivered in a horizontal position.
  • The vessel series is welded of qualitative steel sheet, according to UNI-EN-standards and is equipped with a heat- and age resistant natural rubber membrane.
  • The primary pressure should be set approximately 0,1- 0,2 bar lower than the switch-on pressure of the pump and has to be checked at regular intervals.
  • Any failure of observance may cause damage on the Natural rubber membrane of the pressure vessel. A more accurate calculation results from the pump´s switch-on pressure  0.9. Example: Switch-on pressure on the pressure switch of the domestic waterworks is set to 1,5bar: 1,5bar x 0,9 = 1,3-1,4 bar


Important: The vessel´s pressure should only be inflated or deflated when the pressure to the water system has been released before.

It is absolutely necessary to release the air and water pressure before the opening of the pressure vessel!


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Weight 3 kg