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How to maintain your pond pump.

When it comes to pond pumps, it’s always a good idea to be proactive and stay on top of maintenance so you can prevent problems before they happen. Every pond owner knows that a broken, non-working pump can create a headache with water quality and fish health, so use these tips to prolong the life of your pump .



Here is a list of things you can do to give your pond pump a long life span 

  • Do not allow the filters to become clogged with litter and sediment in the inlets
  • Conduct regular cleaning and seasonal maintenance according to your owners manual most preferably once a week.
  •  Keep water flowing freely to the pump by routinely cleaning the regulator and inlets  debris and filter mat.
  • Be sure to maintain proper water level in the water feature.
  •  Avoid allowing the pump to run dry or operate in low water level situations.
  • All Waterhouse Pumps come with a 10m or 1.5m cable that has a 3 core plug – Although this is very high quality cable, make sure that your pumps cable is not directly sitting in the sun. This will eventually perish the cable. We all know that with out a cable there will be no pumping.
  • Always ensure that there is no sand in the water – the wind has been howling and can often result in an excess of sand into your water space. Sand breaks down the impeller slowly but surely and eventually results in one needing to buy a spare part.
  • Last but not least – try not to turn your pond pump on and off too much. This confuses the pump and will decrease the life span. Rather let your submersible pump run consistently. Switching your pond pump on and off also uses a lot of electricity – which no one wants.

If your impeller is giving you problems, here is a nice and short video of how to change it

There you have it – effortless tips to maintain and prolong your pond pumps life span.

Article provided by Waterhouse 

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