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We think it’s accurate to say that as humans, we’re always looking for ways to reduce costs, and possibly contribute to a sustainable environment for our future generations. With no end in sight for load-shedding, we need more reliable sources of energy. Solar energy has become an ideal sustainable route to go to achieve this.

When we created our Waterhouse fountain pump range, we knew without a doubt that we would need to include a STANDOUT eco-friendly solar product, and so, we introduced our Waterhouse 12V DC Solar Pump. As you know, ideally water features run continuously, so it becomes obvious that they consume quite a lot of electricity.

What makes this solar pump stand out is that it’s the only one of its kind in South Africa, submersible, runs continuously, and is eco-friendly which saves you bucks as you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re thinking “wow, this is amazing”. It is suitable for ponds, water features, fountains, and hydroponics. The power source comes from the solar energy to directly draw water from the water in your fountain feature, rivers, and other water sources

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty on the components of the pump:

Max Flow Rate: 12L/min
Max Static Lift: 5M
Rated Voltage: 12V DC
Impeller Type: Closed mag drive impeller
Amps: 2,2 amps
Outlet: 10mm
Motor: 27Watts (min requirement is a 30-watt solar panel)

Some FAQs that we get asked by our clients about this product:

  •  Does the pump come on its own?
    Yes, this is however optional. We recommend that you run the pump in conjunction with a voltage regulator and battery together with the solar panel. In reference to that, our COMBO includes the pump, battery, voltage regulator, and 30-watt solar panel.


  • Why should I leave my water feature on all the time?
    If there are fish in your feature, they prefer constant running water. Also, the pump takes less strain when run continuously, conditional to the water condition being kept clear.


  • Do I need to clean a solar pump?
    Pumps are like cars, they continually need to be maintained and checked so that they run efficiently. You can purchase a basic filter that will ensure pre-straining of the water preventing the pump from clogging up or becoming blocked by debris.


  • How do I connect my solar pump to my feature?
    If you’re looking for a DIY project that is innovative, then watch this video on how to assemble our Solar pump combo.


  • Do the panels store energy?
    Solar panels only generate energy. They cannot store the energy for later. You would need a battery connected through a voltage regulator to operate the pump after sunset. The strength of the battery would determine how long the pump will run after sunset. The quality of the battery will also, impact how long the pump will run after sunset as the cheaper batteries consistently weaken over time. Simply put: Energy from the panel will charge the battery, together with the voltage regulator will evenly power the pump and water feature throughout the day and into the night without damaging the pump.


Things to consider:

The pump needs a consistent 12 volts of power. This you get by using the voltage regulator. The cable thickness needs to be considered when deciding on the distance from your panel to the pump. The longer the distance, the thicker the cable needs to be. The area you place your solar panel. Less shade more sunlight.

Start reducing costs, living more sustainably (or as the trendsetters like to say “Off-The-Grid) today, and PURCHASE our solar pump: Pump Only OR Solar Pump Comb

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