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Our DragonFly water pump range is unique to our Waterhouse brand. The range includes 9 different models which are all suitable for fishponds, waterfalls, water features and fish tanks. Our DragonFly pumps are submersible and run 24/7 to keep the pond water healthy and oxygenated. Also, a great feature is that 3 of the bigger models are amphibious i.e. They can be used both in or out of water.

All our Dragon Fly pump come with a no-fuss 2 Year Warranty, 3 core cable and 3 pin plug.

When it comes to having a well-balanced healthy pond, it’s important to match it with the correct water pump. Although we like to specify that a pump should circulate your pond once per hour, strictly speaking, it is only necessary to circulate 1/2 the volume of your pond water every hour; for example, a pond that holds 500 litres should be powered at a minimum by a 250 litre/hour pump, or as we prefer, a 500 litre/hour pump

A favourite amongst this range is the DF3050. What makes this pump special is that it provides exceptional performance, both IN and OUT of the water, at an economical price.

What’s in the DF3050 Box: An amphibious Pump with a 3 core 5m cable and plug, 20 and 25mm fittings, and 4 replaceable rubber fitted legs.


All you need to know (AND MORE) about this pump:

  • 85Watts

Watts is the amount of electricity that is consumed by this pump per hour of running time.

  • 3000 Max Flow

This is the maximum amount of water that can flow through the pump per hour.

  • 5 Max Head

This is the total height from the source of the water to the destination point that this pump can push vertically. Also referred to as “shut-off height” – the zero-flow point is 3,5m

  • 5m Cable Length

Please note: If you cut your cable shorter than 3m, the warranty on the pump unfortunately no longer applies.


  • Once a week briefly check your pump to see if there are any leaves or debris blocking the inlets. You may notice that less flow is coming through than there initially was– if so give it a quick clean and make sure the pump is repositioned into a more guarded area of the pond.
  • Consistently check the water levels for leaks or over splashing and fill up your water feature or pond if necessary. Ensure that your pump does not burn out or run dry.
  • Don’t use chlorine in your water feature as it breaks down the plastic on the pump as well as perishes the cable

Purchasing The Product:

When purchasing this pump; you have the option of purchasing the PUMP only, PUMP + IMPELLER or PUMP + 20MMM CLEAR TUBING PIPE (5M ROLE)

For product support on our DragonFly range, contact our team for expert advice: 011 466 8250 (Phone or WhatsApp us)

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